PMDF-DIRSYNC Software Product Description


PMDF-DIRSYNC Software Product Description (PDF)

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PMDF-DIRSYNC for Linux and OpenVMS systems provides a fully automated, highly customizable solution for synchronizing data contained in multiple disparate directories.



The design of PMDF’s directory synchronization module leverages the proven reliability of the PMDF-MTA backbone by using the MTA as a vehicle to move directory information around the system. PMDF-DIRSYNC has been engineered to require little or no manual intervention by the system administrator after initial setup by a consultant.

PMDF-DIRSYNC supports all major directory formats, including LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Lotus Notes, cc:Mail, Microsoft Exchange, HP’s ALL-IN-1, as well as both LDIF (the Lightweight Directory Interchange Format) and comma-separated value flat file formats.

Before implementing PMDF-DIRSYC, it is required that there be an operational PMDF-MTA backbone somewhere within the same system. A "system" can be comprised of more than one node located at multiple geographic sites. Further, it is necessary that the same node intended to run the PMDF-DIRSYNC module be licensed for, and have installed the PMDF-MTA module.


Hardware Requirements

PMDF-DIRSYNC supports any valid OpenVMS or Linux configuration.


Software Requirements

One of the following operating system environments is required:

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 or higher
  • OpenVMS Alpha 7.3 or higher
  • OpenVMS Integrity 8.2 or higher